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Dear Smart Wordpress Marketer

I am Cyril 'Jeet' Gupta, a software programmer and an Internet marketer. Today, I want to talk to you about something that's more important than traffic for your online business.

I know you work really hard getting each visitor to your website or blog. From carefully selecting the headlines, researching all the content, paying big money to content producers, to spending hours to prepare content that your visitors will want to read…

You are investing a lot of hardwork and money.

I hope you are not making the mistakes that many amateur marketers make – Thinking that getting the visitor to the website is all that’s needed.


That’s just half of the job. What’s even more important is getting your lead to take action.

What’s the point of having 1,000 unique visitors on your website every day, and having nil sales? 'CONVERSIONS!' That’s the magic word.

Are you making only 1/3rd of what you should?

If you get just 100 visitors to your websites in a day, and you’re getting 30 of them to convert, you’re earning more than the person who gets 1,000 visitors and only gets 25 to convert. That’s simple math.

How much sales do you think you are losing when you focus exclusively on bringing leads to your website and not on conversions? 20%? 30%? 100?

From my own campaigns and experience, I can tell you that the loss can be as much as 350%. That’s right, you could be making 3.5 times the sales you are making right now if you are able to generate a sense of urgency in your customer, and what I am going to show you next is an amazing trick in the art of persuasion.


You’ve heard of it before, haven’t you? Scarcity is when something is available in a limited quantity or for a limited time. It’s when people know that if they are not quick to grab it, it’s going to go away forever, or it’ll be available at a much higher cost.

The entire consumer economy is based on this single trick that helps companies move more stock in one day then they would otherwise move in the entire quarter.

Ever bought something from a sale? That’s scarcity at work.

Bought something on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? That’s scarcity at an epic level when an entire industry uses it to sell you crazy amounts of goodies in just a couple of days.

Scarcity just works!

And boy… Does it work well! On 29 November 2013, over $1.98 billion worth of goods were sold online in 1 day. That’s right. $1.98 billions… In One day… Using this ONE trick?

If you own a blog or a website, and aren’t using scarcity to boost up your conversions, you’re losing on a LOT of conversions. Money that should be in your pocket today, helping you achieve your dreams faster.

Now that we know well how important Scarcity is, and what it can do for a business, let me show you a very simple wordpress plugin to effectively implement time or quantity based scarcity on any website or webpage.


WP Scarcity Jeet! WP Scarcity Jeet! WP Scarcity Jeet!
WP Scarcity Jeet can boost your conversions 350% or more!

Yes, that’s the tool I was talking about at the beginning of this page. A simple little plugin that you can put into your Wordpress blog right now and get an immediate conversion boost.

The plugin will create a Scarcity bar on your website along with an eye-catching countdown timer that counts down the number of seconds, showing your visitor exactly how much time he has left to grab the offer.

Watch The Demo And See It In Action:

WP Scarcity Jeet is so easy to use that even someone who's a total newbie to computers can install it, play around with a few settings, and achieve any look she wants! Just have a look at some of these sample designs below.

What can you do with this What can you do with this What can you do with this

Why is WP Scarcity Jeet the best Scarcity plugin ever created?

Let me notch up this offer another level. WP Scarcity Jeet is the BEST scarcity plugin ever created, and I can back it up with REAL FEATURES that nobody else offers you. Features that are so important to boosting your conversions that you wouldn’t be able to believe you were able to survive this long without them.

Killer Feature 1 : 100% Mobile Compatible
Are you turning away half of your customers?

Today the mobile platform accounts for over 45% of the total web traffic and growing rapidly even. Sadly, most of our marketers are still using outdated scarcity plugins on their blogs that are not mobile compatible.

That’s like turning away half of the customers from your door “Go away! We don’t want your business.”

Can you imagine how ridiculous that is?

It is better to have no scarcity widget at all than to have one that doesn’t show up correctly on the mobile phone, because a bad look on the mobile is going to KILL even the little impact that the rest of your page might have.

WP Scarcity Jeet uses the latest in responsive design technologies to make sure that it renders perfectly on any mobile phone. This killer feature alone is enough reason to dispose whatever you were using, and get WP Scarcity Jeet.

Killer Feature 2 : Impact boosting effects

The entire reason why a Scarcity Timer Bar is such an effective strategy is because it stands out from the rest of the page. Because it immediately engages the user, draws his eyes towards your offer, and makes sure you grab his attention.

What if you could do that with even more force? What if you could make sure that 100% of your visitors see and react to your scarcity offer? Imagine what that would do to your conversions! 3x boost? 5x boost? What is the limit?

We built a crazy feature in WP Scarcity Jeet to make sure that the viewer notices your offer every time.

In this simple but very effective tactic, the Scarcity bar will show up on the page a few seconds after it’s fully rendered. What you can do for example, is set up a 10 second delay before WP Scarcity Jeet appears.

This means that the viewer’s attention is immediately gravitated towards the plugin, and he reads the offer you are promoting. It also means that you’re showing up the offer when the viewer is already engaged, and you can get that conversions easily.

WP Scarcity Jeet does everything in style.

  • Choose from snazzy Slide-in, or Fade-in effect to make your scarcity offer appear in a very cool and professional fashion. Beats just popping up every time.
  • Play an attention grabbing sound when WP Scarcity Jeet appears on screen. Guaranteed to grab the viewer’s attention and make him really focus on your offer.

Do yourself a favor, grab this plugin right now!

License for 5 Domains
WP Scarcity Jeet
License for UNLIMITED Domains
WP Scarcity Jeet - Developer

Not convinced yet? Are you?

If those two killer features weren’t enough, our team has done an amazing job making sure that it’s the most easy to use and yet the most customizable plugin in its category. Check out these features…

Features Features Features
Let's make this even sweeter'

I am sure you have seen by now what WP Scarcity Jeet will do to your conversions, but do you know that it’s the best deal in Scarcity plugins? That’s right, others are selling products like this, without as many features for not 2x, not 3x, not 4x, but 5x the price!

You can get this today for less than 1/5th of the price what others are charging you, but act now because every time someone else purchases this plugin, it’s going to be a little more expensive.

Tell you what… Let me make the burden of decision even lighter. Buy now and I will give you SEO Harvester Jeet, the most amazing keyword harvesting software ever built, absolutely free of cost!

Get SEO Harvester Jeet as Bonus

And say what…

The very fact that you acted means that you can keep SEO Harvester Jeet forever, even if for some weird reason, you are unable to use WP Scarcity Jeet and request for a refund!

And that brings me to Jeet’s Iron-Clad Guarantee!

Jeet's Iron Clad Guarantee

License for 5 Domains
WP Scarcity Jeet
License for UNLIMITED Domains
WP Scarcity Jeet - Developer

To Your Well Deserved Success !

Cyril, Cecil, Andre

P.S. : Still haven’t taken action? Don’t let indecision come between online success and you. How many sales does it take to recover the cost of this plugin? One? Two?

Remember, you’re covered with a 30 days no question asked refund guarantee. There’s nothing to lose here. I have you totally covered, and I am rooting for you to take initiative and move your Internet business in a better direction. Towards better earnings per visit.